The complete Motorcyclist


The motorbike is not only ecologically a more sensible mode of transport, but riding a motorbike is fun too. This was the reason why our staff have turned their hobby into a job. A passion that is of course of major importance when it comes to what we are trying to do. We at the ifz are passionate about and are working to improve the safety aspect of any motorbike, and it was therefore a logical consequence to follow the success of the brochure and make a DVD of the same name.

Those who have ever worked on a project covering a similar topic and of this length will be aware of the amount of work needed to put a project like this together. It took about 1.5 years to complete the DVD: Just to view and select the right material from over 15 hours of film took weeks, but we are of the opinion that it was worth it.

We would like you to study the film, soak up the tips and you too will be a step closer to becoming a competent and safe biker. We hope you have fun watching and that you never stop learning!

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Watch the Making-of.


1 Before starting

2 Correct Braking

3 Cornering

4 Riding with a load

5 Different Conditions

6 Dangerous Encounters

7 Riding in a Group

8 Optimising your Bike

9 Motorcycle Training

10 Physical Basics