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Motorcycles are often misjudged: More wide or narrow than you think

Motorcycles are often being misperceived. Their narrow silhouette can cause them to remain unseen, and the variability of their width during the ride may lead to unpleasant surprises. This particular feature is being highlighted by the ifz with a new campaign, which was introduced in 2005.

A few meters distance are enough for a motorcycle to optically disappear behind a lamppost or an A-pillar of a car. In other cases, their narrow silhouette leads to motorcycles and scooters being perceived but distinctly underestimated by the driver. This means they are being granted less space by other road users than they actually need.
Reason: Two wheeled vehicles may swerve from their driving line due to the physics of bike riding. In addition, the tilt when riding a curve ensures a distinct widening of the space the bike requires. This space can increase from about 70 centimetres when riding upright to 150 centimetres – more than double the width.

According to a study by the European motorcycle industry, for which the Institute for Motorcycle Safety provided research data, more than 70% of the collision accident cases are based on misperceiving or misjudgement of the motorcycle by the car driver.

With the advertisement campaign “More Wide or Narrow than you think” the two wheel experts intend to publicise this subject. Addressed are all road users, pedestrian to trucker.

The campaign, in the form of advertisements in magazines and editorial clippings, was meant to reach a wide audience. Not with a raised index finger but with discernment, ifz tried to raise awareness of this subject.