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ifz work and major responsibilities

  • Mission oriented research and research on ifz behalf
  • Scientific congresses
  • Co-operation with academies, universities and institutes
  • International symposia and hearings on current topics in co-operation with scientists from vehicle technology, education science, sociology, psychology, medical science and accident analysis
  • Empirical research and case studies on planned political decisions
  • Analytical accident research and implementation of results
  • Advice concerning rider trainings for driving school instructors and rider learners
  • Educational concepts and media for driving school instructors
  • Promotion of young scientists by supporting student research projects and final year projects/theses
  • Support of initiatives, associations, organizations dealing with road traffic safety and motorcycle clubs working on the improvement of motorcycle safety
  • Suggestions and participation in political planning and schedules for a motorcycle-friendly future


Gladbecker Straße 425; 45329 Essen; Germany

Telefon: +49 201 835390

Fax: +49 201 8353999