‘Sharpen your Senses!’

In 2005 the ifz started a campaign for motorcycle safety called “Motorcycles appear wider or narrower than they actually are”. This campaign was distributed by the daily press and professional magazines with great interest.

This was reason enough for us to continue this successful campaign in 2006. Therefore a new motive and the new slogan “Sharpen your Senses! – Motorcycle riders are easily overlooked” were created. The tricky motive shows a car at first glance. Only when looking more observant you notice the motorcycle.

The background of this campaign is the fact, that in almost 75 per cent of all accidents involving cars and motorcycles, it is the car driver who has caused the accident. Results of the European ‘Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study’ (MAIDS) show that motorcycles are often misjudged or were failed to be noticed in this collision types. So it is necessary to enlarge mutual understanding and to sharpen road users‘ awareness for each other.

‘Sharpen your Senses’ reaches out to riders of Powered Two-Wheelers also. Those who know about their risks are able to have a realistic view of any situation and thus can minimize their risks. We neither want to educate nor put the blame on one involved party, we just want to promote partnership in road traffic in order to obtain safety benefits for all of us. Motorcycle safety can only work, if all are doing their best.

The ifz campaign is supposed to have a wide-spread effect by making a lot of road traffic participants more attentive for this topic by means of posters and adverts. Moreover, taking out ads and accompanying editorial texts should result in a wide-spread response to the campaign.

In cooperation with DVR (German Road Safety Council) the ifz experts want the ifz campaign „Sharpen your senses“ to make an appeal to all road users to keep their eyes wide open. Thousands of posters of the campaign were distributed free on several occasions and on the menu item ‘Internet-Shop’, of course.

A special idea to captivate attention to a lot of people was the idea to send posters to all road traffic licensing departments in Germany. Especially the waiting areas (you get a new driving licence, to register a motor vehicle etc. – and have to wait) are an excellent place to inform drivers and riders. This was only possible with the great support by UPS (United Parcel Service)!