The ifz profile

Safe riding and experiencing motorcycle fascination: The ifz dedicates its work to any improvement of the situation of „vulnerable road traffic participants“, supports ideas on road traffic safety and puts them into practice, informs about the particularities of motorcycle riding and asks for mutual understanding among all road traffic participants.

The active impulses of the ifz and other fields of work concerning motorcycles as well as safety organizations serve as a means to put scientific research into empirical practice.

As a member of the German Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR, a German Association working on behalf of Road Traffic Safety) the ifz actively co-operates in the development and realisation of road safety programs for motorized two-wheelers, from motor-assisted bicycles to high engine capacity motorcycles. Simultaneously the ifz supports projects carried out by BASt (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, German Federal Highway Research Institute) on the same topic.

At the same time there are connections to GTUE (Germany’s largest officially recognized inspection organization of freelance certified inspectors), Deutsche Verkehrswacht (DVW, a further German institution working on the improvement of road traffic safety); DEKRA (company in the business of providing safety and quality for people dealing with technology, the environment and mobility) and TÜV organisations (institute for the compulsory vehicle inspection every two years). Furthermore, insurance companies, first of all GDV (German Insurance Association), cooperate with the ifz in questions of two-wheelers‘ safety. In addition, ADAC and the German Driving School Instructors Association support ifz campaigns. All joint campaigns and activities imply important synergetic effects which influence for example motorcycle safety training programs and scientific work on motorcycle matters.

Apart from educational aspects and training programs research is a significant part of ifz work. Research activities are based on contacts to national and international universities and scientists working on motorcycle matters.

In addition to studies and statistics in accident analysis, which are open to the public, the library and the documentation center offer thousands of publications and titles which are the basis for ifz research. Both services are often frequented by international partners in cooperation.

Publications like the so-called „Praxishefte“ (offering advice and tips) and the „Forschungshefte“ (Research Papers) just as national and international publications do complete the ifz work and are a further important feature of the ifz profile.

In addition to local research the ifz organizes international motorcycle conferences in co-operation with the American Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), these conferences are attended by scientists from all over the world.

Apart from ifz research on topics like road traffic environment, drivers/riders or road construction, the cooperative work with universities in the fields of vehicle technology means a further expansion of ifz studies. Clients like BASt (German Federal Highway Research Institute), the Federal Environmental Agency, the European Union or European Institutions like the Motorcycle Manufacturers‘ Association ACEM are the basis for projects financed by third-party funds.

This basis is important to the ifz in order to make information on motorcycling public. ifz brochures addressed to motorcycle riders and their organizations deal with educational work and rider programs. The contents of these publications range from tips on motorcycling in general or appropriate protective riding gear to motorcycle-friendly road construction addressed to the authorities working in this field of interest. Research papers provide information for scientists, politicians and decision-makers and compile the present state of research on motorcycle matters.