Motorcycle Riding:   Sure, I ride – but safely!

Apropos start of the motorcycle season 2015 – ifz presents together with the German Road Safety Council (DVR) the new campaign “Motorcycle Riding: Sure, I ride – but safely!”

Motorcycle Riding: Sure, I ride – but safely! … and with toast!

What does flying toast have to do with road safety? An answer is provided by two clever video spots promoting increased safety among roadway users. Forty-five energetic seconds each. In focus: Be prepared and keep your mind on the task. And to demonstrate that concept, slices of toast are learning to fly.

Ninety seconds fun and information in total. Wherever you are, at home on your PC or enroute with your Smartphone – the free spots are available everywhere and for all portable electronic devices. Please select your compatible download!

To view the spots please click with the left mouse button on the compatible spot.
For a download please use the right mouse button and select “Save Target as”.

download_spot1 Spot 1:
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download_spot2 Spot 2:
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These spots you have to see!

The spots deliver in a very amusing way, how important it is to be prepared and focused in your everyday life and particularly with regard to road traffic. The action of the spots take place in a kitchen – a man and a toaster are the leading actors.

In the beginning of the first spot, the rebellious toaster reduces the man to despair. He challenges the actor regarding concentration and training in the same way road traffic does it every day and every second. Just at the beginning of the motorcycle season it is important for all riders of Powered Two-Wheelers to start carefully, focused and prepared in the next season. The period of the “reentry on two wheels” needs time. Referring to this an advanced rider training is an excellent way to get back crucial skills and extend relevant knowledge. As well the other traffic participants have to get used to the riders of Powered Two-Wheelers again, because they disappeared in the last weeks respectively months through the winter.

In the second spot the actor mastered it to catch toast in all situations. Nearly …
Not acting like a machine but like a human, he is liable for distraction. So, he unexpectedly mishits the target at the end. In this second spot there is a parallel between the kitchen-scene and the real life in traffic also. A lot of accidents happen due to distraction.

It is the first time in history of ifz using spots for a road safety campaign. In doing so, we designed the new campaign in this unconventional way to reach all road users, in particular the riders of Powered Two-Wheelers, of course.

The laborious and cost-intensive production of the spots was only realizable with the great support of the German Road Safety Council (DVR). Many thanks for this fruitful co-operation!

Information on how training enhances a rider’s safety is delivered by ifz in the menu item “Training” and on the website of the DVR (

With the spots ifz continues the successful campaigns of the last years. These campaigns focused on the topic ‘concentration in traffic’ also. Today, internet and social media is an excellent way to convey the topic of motorcycle safety to a great number of people. Especially short spots are an ‘up-to-date way’ to transport messages and arrest attention. The fast pace of the spots engages the viewer, and shows that only a well-prepared and focused rider, anticipating the unexpected, is able to react in a proper way.